How to make a small scale mail top (female)

The tutorial given here should fit up to a 'C' cup or a daring 'D' cup.
For larger than that I suggest a piece made from large scales instead of small. All materials used
in this sample were obtained from 'The Ring Lord' chainmail/scalemail construction supplies. They are located at:

Estimated materials for use:
600 small scales (more if you will want to extend the piece lower than just below the breasts)
1200 18 gauge 3/16 inner diameter links. I recommend stainless steel even is using aluminum scales.
Sufficient curb chain, leather thong, cloth or links to make the neck and back chains.
If using anodized aluminum scales be sure to order more than you need as the anodization is spotty in places.

1. Make two triangles of scales, increasing one scale per row. Start at one scale wide and work up to 14 scales wide
Picture of the first 8 rows of links in the triangle, from both back and front.
picture of first section of triangle
front of start of triangle
Full Triangle extended to 14 links, shown both front and back:
full triangle

2. Make one large rectangle (tapered at top) of scales:
The first row is 29 scales, second 30, third 31, fourth 32, fifth 33, 6th 34.
At the 7th row you go back down to 33 then continue alternating 34 and 33 scales per row down to the 12th row.
On the 12th row only use 32 instead of 34 scales to prevent the loose scales from dangling off the edges of the top.
 If you intend to make it longer than the sample on this page continue to alternate 33 and 34, ignoring the taper to 32 until your last row (which would normally be 34).
Picture of the main body of the top (back side):
main body of top from the reverse

You then join the triangles to the tapered rectangle. Aligning them in the middle. With the first row in the rectangle being 29 scales and the triangles being 14 each, you center the very center scale in the top row of the rectangle between the edges of the triangles. You'll want to connect the neck chain to the two top scales of the triangles and the back chain to the first row in the rectangle that is 34 scales wide. I affix lanyard clasps (mid chain) to both chains to provide for easy fitting. This is my basic pattern I work small scale tops out of. I tend to vary it a little from piece to piece to keep them non-identical when possible. So your results will be similar to this but not exactly the same. One note, you'll need to figure out how to trap the edge scales from flopping around. The straight edges are easy, follow the pic in the scale instructions TRL has in their scale section(on their commercial site). The angled sections need it also and you need to extrapolate the method for that from the pictures above.

Finished piece: