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Scalemail+Poptab Pieces
A variety of items can be made from scales and poptabs. They range from bikinis to halter tops to pouches to purses to headbands to flowers, etc...
A large scale halter top, in stainless steel.
A mirror finish large scale halter top. The scales used for this are stainless clad aluminum.
This is a stainless steel small scale bikin top. This style is recommended for up to a 'C' cup. Beyond that we recommend our large scale tops.
A dice bag/pouch made from the small stainless steel scales.
The small scales also come in a colored version. The availability on colors varies so if interested in a custom order colored scale top, contact us beforehand to see what colors are currently available. As mentioned before, the small scale tops are recommended for up to a 'C' cup, if larger than that we recommend our large scale tops.
I call these pieces "chain bikinis" patterned after some of the string bikinis I've seen around. This one is small stainless steel scales.
Another "chain bikini" in a slightly different style, also made from small stainless steel scales.
On both "chain bikini" pictures while the model is a 'C' cup the piece is designed for A-B cups. Hence the less than optimal fit.
Pop tabs can be used for many things. In this case I've used pop tabs and aluminum links to create a pop tab halter top.
A pop tab dice bag/pouch. Made from poptabs and aluminum rings.
This is a pop tab sheathed purse. An inexpensive purse is taken and a sheet of pop tabs (attached to one another with aluminum rings) is stitched along the top to drape the outside. Small sections of the pop tab assembly also run under the purse to keep everything positioned correctly.
These two pictures (left and right) are of a scale headband, made from small stainless steel scales with one large scale (and a swarovski crystal) used as a focal point in front.
Scale flowers will never wilt.
 With a drop of floral essence they'll hold a pleasant smell for 24 hours or more. So long as these flowers are not banged against sharp metal or stone they'll hold their color and shape indefinitely.
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